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"Lisa is simply the best. Thanks to her I was able to bring a life-work-health balance into my life. She is a beautiful human and a true healer. When you work with Lisa, be prepared to transform into what you want to be and then beyond. She will always take you to that next level."

~ John J. 

"Lisa was lovely. She brought a peaceful and positive energy to our session. She tailored the session perfectly to us. We left feeling relaxed and energized!" 

~ Aimee B.

It is my pleasure to recommend Lisa Eurich. Lisa facilitated classes for clients with mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, psychotic disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. I was very impressed with the programming she designed. Lisa has a warm, positive demeanor and connected with clients and staff in a positive way.”

~ Clinical Director

Mental Health Treatment Center, 

Los Angeles

"Over the course of a decade or so I’ve worked with a diverse spectrum of yoginis and yoga disciplines. Yet frankly, my interest in continuing my yogic training had waned, as I found increasingly difficult to find inspiration and motivation. Luckily, I met Lisa and she agreed to take me on as a student. What a difference! Lisa’s blend of training, skills, energy, compassion and passion for her whole body approach is quite unique, yet is rooted in the principles and foundations of traditional yoga. Her methodology and her motivation alone is responsible for rekindling my passion for yoga by challenging my perspective and my focus, all the while working through some physical issues that I perceived would end my ability to practice. I cannot say enough about this marvelous teacher, mentor and friend. If you are considering working with Lisa, you are lucky indeed."

~ Stuart L.

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