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signature stress reduction therapy

Buddha Statue

   relax. release. unwind.


Free yourself - easily and effectively - from tension, pain, stress, and anxiety.

                 Restore peace, health, and well-being.                


 Your 60, 90, or 120 minute session includes:

breathwork. mindfulness techniques. progressive relaxation. guided imagery. yoga therapy.

thai bodywork therapy. acupressure. compressions. passive stretching. assisted movement. essential oils. soothing sounds. 

                         Release chronic pain, physical soreness, and mental + emotional overload.

                                        Learn techniques to relax when you need to most. 


                     Please wear loose comfortable clothing, be hydrated, and free from jewelry.  


                                        For optimal relaxation, once to twice weekly sessions are recommended.


              60 minute session/$100 investment . 90 minute session/$150 investment . 120 minute session/$200 investment


                                   Discount of 15% is offered when investing in pre-paid packages of 4 sessions.

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